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Aisummit 2023 Horz

Thank you for attending the AI Summit 2023!


The AI Summit

Since 2017, the AI Summit has showcased the year-round work of the Artificial Intelligence Global Healthcare Initiative – a collaborative community with FDA participation – by uniting the most innovative and forward-thinking minds across the industry to revolutionize the ever-evolving relationship between AI and health. The AI Summit is led by top regulatory and industry leaders accelerating innovation through the use of AI in healthcare, and we need your voice.

Become a part of the industry-led working teams who continually collaborate with global regulators to identify and overcome hurdles, implement solutions, and pave a path forward for the betterment of the industry and patient care.

Featured 2023 AI Summit Speakers

Mike salem

Gilead Sciences

Suchi Saria

Johns Hopkins University

Cassie Scherer


Eric Henry

King & Spalding

Toni Manzano


Annie Saha


Yarmela Pavlovic


Mira Jacobs


Thomas Friedli

University of St Gallen

Troy Tazbaz


Seth Caromdy


Bakul Patel


Laura Adams

National Academy of Medicine

See the incredible lineup that was at the 2023 AI Summit.

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Who was at the 2023 AI Summit?

150 participants

6 countries and 3 continents

19 speakers and moderators

3 FDA speakers

15 FDA and other government participants

Did you miss the 2023 AI Summit? Here’s what we covered:

Insights from the FDA Digital Health Center of Excellence

Emerging AI Applications and the AI Health Ecosystem

AI Regulator & Policy Maker Fireside Chat

AI Foundations Workshop: From Planning to Production

Using AI as a Tool to Detect Cybersecurity Breaches

A Risk-Based Approach to Managing AI Bias

Dealing With AI Model Drift

AI Working Team Deep-Dive Sessions

AI in Medicine

Transparency vs. Explainability in AI

Managing an AI Software Development Life Cycle

A singular forum for innovative ideas!

AI Summit 2023 was hosted by the AFDO/RAPS Healthcare Products Collaborative. We hope you will consider joining us in 2024 for a three-day, behind-the-scenes experience and learn how AI is being used in pharma, biopharma, and medical devices.

AI Summit 2023 was hosted by the AFDO/RAPS Healthcare Products Collaborative.

Why attend the AI Summit

A testimonial from Lauren Jensen

AI Summit 2023 attendees earned 12.0 RAC recertification credits.


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