Modeling RNA Virus and Vaccine Structure


By William Whitford (DPS Group) Purpose: AI has applications throughout the value chain, and here we introduce an application in product development. AI in Modern Medicine Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the major techniques defining our modern era of medicine. The various machine learning algorithms employed in drug design include Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Semi-Supervised … Read more

AI in Pharma Adoption, Part 3: AI is Transforming Manufacturing—The Hows and Whys

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By Toni Manzano (Aizon), Mario Stassen (Stassen Pharmaconsult BV), William Whitford (DPS Group) and AIO Team Artificial Intelligence (AI)-supported real-time monitoring and advanced data techniques provide many benefits in modern manufacturing operations. These include maintaining materials inventory, troubleshooting production bottlenecks, maintaining instruments in operating order, avoiding product quality excursions, understanding scrap rates, meeting promised delivery … Read more

AI in Pharma Adoption, Part 2: “Good AI Begins With Good Data”

Artificial Intelligence (ai), Machine Learning And Modern Computer Technologies Concepts. Business, Technology, Internet And Network Concept.

By Toni Manzano (Aizon), Mario Stassen (Stassen Pharmaconsult BV), William Whitford (DPS Group) and AIO Team Having data of quality is the first step in the Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ Machine Learning (ML) journey to get reliable models and valuable AI/ML outputs. There are many issues regarding data quality that can affect the design of the … Read more

AI in Pharma Adoption, Part 1: Why is AI Not Broadly Adopted in the Lifescience Industries?

Ai Lab

By Toni Manzano (Aizon), Mario Stassen (Stassen Pharmaconsult BV), and AIO Team The statistical methods and mathematical procedures used in the pharmaceutical industry are pieces of analysis that provide critical information for decision-making. Assuming mathematics are used as an instrument in manufacturing operations, it must be managed in the same way as equipment. Artificial Intelligence … Read more

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