Predictive “Quality” for Patient Safety Webinar


Artificial Intelligence – Advancing the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries

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Predictive “Quality” for Patient Safety Webinar

Predictive Quality Management is an emerging category of industrial Artificial Intelligence solutions that provide manufacturers with a means to significantly reduce process-driven losses in quality and waste, by quickly identifying the root cause and, with a high degree of confidence, preventing those losses before they next occur.

Predictive “quality” for patient safety is focused on the management and reduction of patient harm that is associated with the use of a medical device.

Learn more about the predictive “quality” approach for the post-market management of patient harm, including the utilization of an analytical pathway to predictive ‘quality’ for improved patient safety.

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Webinar Leader

Larry Mager

Principal and Founder, Mgmt-Ctrl

Marla Phillips, CEO & President, Pathway for Patient Health
Webinar Moderator

Marla Phillips

Director, Xavier Health, Xavier University