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Artificial Intelligence – Advancing the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries

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Sessions & Webinars

AI Experts Network Focus Sessions

Watch focus sessions from our AI experts bi-monthly meetings, featuring an expert presentation on a specific area in the AI space.

Predictive “Quality” for Patient Safety Webinar

Learn more about the predictive “quality” approach for the post-market management of patient harm, including the utilization of an analytical pathway to predictive ‘quality’ for improved patient safety.

Enabling QbD with AI-Driven Quality Operations Webinar

The increasing complexity in the life sciences landscape continues to drive digital transformation. Learning key benefits of enabling QBD with AI-driven quality operations during this free, one-hour webinar.

Working Team Deliverables

AI in Operations Deliverables


Survey results that measure the current status of how AI is being used in manufacturing


System Map demonstrating interconnectivity and potential causal relationships between GMP systems, non-GMP systems and the complaint system:

Summary of data elements that represent risks and/or potential failure modes for the events captured in the complaint system:

Definitions of AI relevant terms to harmonize understanding: